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{'page': 'raceDetail', 'props': {'ballot_ready_api_url': 'https://wt7scerml9.execute-api.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/prod', 'candidates': '[{"id":206,"full_name":"Anna M. ' 'Valencia","status":"elected","br_thumb_url":"https://br-production-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/candidate/headshot/251485/thumb_251485.jpg","br_id":251485,"ri_funds_raised_this_cycle":625801,"ri_cash_on_hand":356538,"ri_last_updated":"2019-03-25T07:00:09.707914-05:00"}]', 'cboeId': '0011', 'data': {'articles': '[{"model": "newsfeed.article", "pk": 91, ' '"fields": {"hed": "2019 Chicago Voters Guide: ' 'Anna Valencia", "summary": "

My vision for ' 'this office is to make it affordable, ' 'accountable and accessible.

", "date": ' '"2019-01-30T00:00:00Z", "link": ' '"https://news.wttw.com/elections/voters-guide/2019/candidates/chicago-city-clerk/anna-valencia", ' '"source": "WTTW", "is_published": true, ' '"candidates": [206], "issues": []}, ' '"is_pinned": false}, {"model": ' '"newsfeed.article", "pk": 49, "fields": ' '{"hed": "City clerk candidate Anna Valencia", ' '"summary": "The Chicago Sun-Times Editorial ' 'Board sent candidates for city treasurer a ' 'list of questions to find out their views on ' 'a range of issues facing the city and their ' 'wards.", "date": "2019-01-19T15:00:00Z", ' '"link": ' '"https://chicago.suntimes.com/politics/city-clerk-office-candidate-2019-election-anna-valencia/", ' '"source": "Chicago Sun-Times", ' '"is_published": true, "candidates": [206], ' '"issues": []}, "is_pinned": false}, {"model": ' '"newsfeed.article", "pk": 34, "fields": ' '{"hed": "City Clerk Anna Valencia wraps up ' 'election \\u2014 before early voting even ' 'starts", "summary": "It\\u2019s more than ' 'five weeks until the polls close \\u2014 and ' 'some ten days until early voting even begins ' '\\u2014 but Anna Valencia can now pretty much ' 'be projected the winner of the city ' 'clerk\\u2019s race.", "date": ' '"2019-01-18T23:20:00Z", "link": ' '"https://chicago.suntimes.com/news/city-clerk-anna-valencia-re-election-horton-arias-ibarra-early-voting-petition/", ' '"source": "Chicago Sun-Times", ' '"is_published": true, "candidates": [206], ' '"issues": []}, "is_pinned": false}, {"model": ' '"newsfeed.article", "pk": 48, "fields": ' '{"hed": "Chicago Seized And Sold Nearly ' '50,000 Cars Over Tickets Since 2011, Sticking ' 'Owners With Debt", "summary": "According to a ' 'WBEZ analysis of thousands of towing records ' 'and invoices, the city regularly pulls ' 'residents into a nexus of ticket-related debt ' 'and car seizures that is stunning in its ' 'scope.", "date": "2019-01-07T18:00:00Z", ' '"link": ' '"https://www.wbez.org/shows/wbez-news/chicago-seized-and-sold-nearly-50000-cars-over-tickets-since-2011-sticking-owners-with-debt/1d73d0c1-0ed2-4939-a5b2-1431c4cbf1dd", ' '"source": "WBEZ", "is_published": true, ' '"candidates": [206], "issues": []}, ' '"is_pinned": false}, {"model": ' '"newsfeed.article", "pk": 22, "fields": ' '{"hed": "What the Gov: We Know About the ' 'Mayor\\u2019s Race \\u2014 What Does the City ' 'Treasurer Do? What\'s a City Clerk?", ' '"summary": "Yes, there are offices up for ' 'election besides the crowded pool for Chicago ' 'mayor. And though you might not hear about ' 'these as often, voters should start taking ' 'note.", "date": "2018-12-13T18:00:00Z", ' '"link": ' '"https://www.bettergov.org/news/what-the-gov-we-know-about-the-mayor-s-race-what-else-is-on-the-ballot-on-feb-26", ' '"source": "Better Government Association", ' '"is_published": true, "candidates": [], ' '"issues": []}, "is_pinned": false}, {"model": ' '"newsfeed.article", "pk": 47, "fields": ' '{"hed": "Chicago City Clerk Calls For Reforms ' 'Of Vehicle Sticker Program", "summary": "City ' 'Clerk Anna Valencia on Tuesday called for ' 'changes to Chicago\\u2019s vehicle sticker ' 'program to help low-income drivers, saying ' 'that \\u201cwhat has been done in the past ' 'hasn\\u2019t worked for all ' 'Chicagoans.\\u201d", "date": ' '"2018-10-23T17:00:00Z", "link": ' '"https://www.wbez.org/shows/wbez-news/chicago-city-clerk-calls-for-reforms-of-vehicle-sticker-program/df33ac83-7320-4158-9d1c-f020f6671a6e", ' '"source": "WBEZ", "is_published": true, ' '"candidates": [206], "issues": []}, ' '"is_pinned": false}, {"model": ' '"newsfeed.article", "pk": 46, "fields": ' '{"hed": "Chicago City Clerk Anna Valencia ' 'Talks Municipal ID, Women In Politics", ' '"summary": "

Anna Valencia became City ' 'Clerk of Chicago back in January 2017. In ' 'addition to running one of the largest ' 'offices in city government, Valencia is in ' 'charge of administering Chicago’s ' 'Municipal ID program, which is currently in ' 'the pilot phase and is scheduled to launch in ' 'March. 

", "date": ' '"2018-01-04T18:00:00Z", "link": ' '"https://www.wbez.org/shows/morning-shift/chicago-city-clerk-anna-valencia-talks-municipal-id-women-in-politics/e00c4d53-ccee-46dd-8b41-d74ea217be18", ' '"source": "WBEZ", "is_published": true, ' '"candidates": [206], "issues": []}, ' '"is_pinned": false}]', 'description': '

The City Clerk is one of three citywide ' 'elected positions in Chicago. The clerk is ' 'responsible for maintaining City Council ' 'legislation; selling city vehicle ' 'stickers, parking permits, and licenses; ' 'and running the city’s municipal ID ' 'program. Mayor Rahm Emanuel appointed ' 'incumbent Clerk Anna Valencia in 2016. She ' 'is running uncontested. Key issues in the ' 'race include the future of the municipal ' 'ID program and changes to fines and fees ' 'for vehicle stickers and parking ' 'tickets.

', 'documenters_slug': 'clerk', 'issues': '[{"model": "newsfeed.issue", "pk": 3, "fields": ' '{"name": "aldermanic prerogative", ' '"description": "Critics say the power of ' 'Chicago City Council members to maintain ' 'control over their wards by initiating or ' 'blocking City Council or city government ' 'actions has exacerbated the city\\u2019s legacy ' 'of racial segregation and kept affordable ' 'housing developments out of mostly white wards. ' 'Aldermen say they are representing the interest ' 'of their constituents.", "issue_order": 1}}, ' '{"model": "newsfeed.issue", "pk": 4, "fields": ' '{"name": "child sex abuse", "description": ' '"

Failures at Chicago Public Schools kept CPS ' 'officials from preventing and responding to ' 'sexual abuse against hundreds of students over ' 'the last decade, Tribune ' 'reporting an independent review has ' 'confirmed. CPS has since turned over some ' 'investigatory powers to its inspector general, ' 're-checked current employees and vendors, and ' 'barred communication between students and ' 'teachers on personal devices.

", ' '"issue_order": 2}}, {"model": "newsfeed.issue", ' '"pk": 9, "fields": {"name": "CPD oversight", ' '"description": "Aldermen on City Council have ' 'proposed four different bodies that would give ' 'civilians some oversight over Chicago Police ' 'Department operations. Some call for a new ' 'elected body with subpoena power, the ability ' 'to hire and fire the Chicago Police Department ' 'Superintendent, members of the Police Board, ' 'and the Chief Administrator of the Civilian ' 'Office of Police Accountability. Others call ' 'for a more limited, advisory role and appointed ' 'members.", "issue_order": 3}}, {"model": ' '"newsfeed.issue", "pk": 5, "fields": {"name": ' '"CPS oversight", "description": "

Calls for ' 'an elected school board have grown louder after ' 'a rapid succession of Mayor Rahm ' 'Emanuel’s hand picked CPS CEOs – one ' 'left under an ethics cloud, the other was ' 'convicted ' 'of masterminding a kickback scheme. The ' 'Chicago Teachers Union and some other education ' 'groups support a fully elected school board, ' 'but critics say it will lead to diffuse ' 'accountability and will overly politicize ' 'school decisions.

", "issue_order": 4}}, ' '{"model": "newsfeed.issue", "pk": 15, "fields": ' '{"name": "ethics", "description": "

Chicago ' 'government was rocked by the attempted ' 'extortion charge brought against powerful ' 'Finance Chairman Ald. Ed Burke, but reformers ' 'have long called for changes to Chicago rules ' 'to reduce conflicts of interest given the long ' 'legacy of aldermen and city officials who have ' 'been indicted or pleaded guilty for a variety ' 'of charges, many ' 'having to do with zoning changes.

", ' '"issue_order": 5}}, {"model": "newsfeed.issue", ' '"pk": 12, "fields": {"name": "fair maps", ' '"description": "

Every decade, the ' 'city’s own aldermen convene to draw ' 'Chicago’s ward maps after the results of ' 'each census. In ' '2013, a group sued to block the most recent ' 'map, which they said was designed to protect ' 'powerful incumbents, rather than ensure equal ' 'and full representation of individuals, ' 'minorities and neighborhoods. Reformers want an ' 'independent body to draw fair, impartial, and ' 'racially representative maps in less ' '“grotesque” shapes.

", ' '"issue_order": 6}}, {"model": "newsfeed.issue", ' '"pk": 8, "fields": {"name": "FOP contract", ' '"description": "

The city’s contract ' 'with the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 7, ' 'which represents rank and file Chicago Police ' 'Officers, expired in June 2017. The proposed ' 'consent decree between Chicago and the Illinois ' 'Attorney General requires the city to exercise ' '“best efforts” to attempt to ' 'negotiate changes, including how complaints ' 'against officers are accepted — including ' 'anonymous complaints — jurisdiction to ' 'investigate officer-involved sexual misconduct ' 'and whether disciplinary history is kept ' 'indefinitely or destroyed after a certain ' 'period of time. The City Council’s Black ' 'Caucus has demanded ' 'certain changes or threatens to withhold ' 'its vote.

", "issue_order": 7}}, {"model": ' '"newsfeed.issue", "pk": 2, "fields": {"name": ' '"housing affordability", "description": "The ' 'city\\u2019s next five-year housing plan calls ' 'for Chicago officials to spend $1.4 billion to ' 'build or preserve 40,000 affordable homes ' 'during the next five years \\u2013 the plan ' 'does not call for a significant increase in ' 'funding, even as the issue has taken center ' 'stage at City Hall amid rising concerns about ' 'gentrification, displacement, the continuing ' 'decline in Chicago\\u2019s African American ' 'population as well as rising inequality and ' 'instability. Housing advocates say the real ' 'affordable housing shortage is 120,000 units.", ' '"issue_order": 8}}, {"model": "newsfeed.issue", ' '"pk": 7, "fields": {"name": "immigration", ' '"description": "Chicago\\u2019s Welcoming City ' 'Ordinance means that Chicago officials \\u2014 ' 'including police \\u2014 will not ask about ' 'immigration status, disclose that information ' 'to authorities, or deny city services based on ' 'that immigration status. The only situations in ' 'which the city will detain undocumented ' 'individuals are if they are in the city\\u2019s ' 'gang database; have a pending felony ' 'prosecution or past felony conviction, or if ' 'they are wanted on a criminal warrant by local ' 'or federal authorities. Immigrant rights ' 'activists want those exceptions removed.", ' '"issue_order": 9}}, {"model": "newsfeed.issue", ' '"pk": 1, "fields": {"name": "lead abatement", ' '"description": "

City testing has revealed ' 'elevated lead levels in the water supply of ' 'hundreds of Chicago homes, ' 'schools ' 'and parks. ' 'While the city says current levels meet the ' 'standards set by the U.S. Environmental ' 'Protection Agency for clean, safe drinking ' 'water, critics say Chicagoans, especially ' 'children, are at risk for a variety of health ' 'hazards.

", "issue_order": 10}}, {"model": ' '"newsfeed.issue", "pk": 6, "fields": {"name": ' '"pensions", "description": "The city\\u2019s ' '2020 pension contributions will rise by 31 ' 'percent as compared with 2019 levels \\u2014 an ' 'estimated $400 million increase \\u2014 and ' 'will jump again in 2022, when total ' 'contributions are projected to rise 19 percent. ' 'The city either has to hike taxes, cut services ' 'or both, but cannot reduce benefits for current ' 'employees.", "issue_order": 11}}, {"model": ' '"newsfeed.issue", "pk": 14, "fields": {"name": ' '"public safety", "description": "The number of ' 'homicides and shootings in Chicago dropped by ' 'double-digit percentages in 2018, according to ' 'the Chicago Tribune, though some neighborhoods ' 'on the West and South sides continue to bear ' 'the brunt of gun violence. Despite this ' 'decline, Chicago continues to log more ' 'homicides than New York City and Los Angeles ' 'combined, and clearance rates for Chicago ' 'police detectives have fallen 20 points below ' 'national averages.", "issue_order": 12}}, ' '{"model": "newsfeed.issue", "pk": 13, "fields": ' '{"name": "recycling", "description": "Chicago ' 'has the worst residential recycling rate of any ' 'major city in the US following multiple ' 'attempted revamps of its program. A 2018 BGA ' 'investigation revealed the city allowed one of ' 'its three recycling haulers, Waste Management, ' 'to divert tons of residential plastics and ' 'paper into landfills the company owns, costing ' 'taxpayers twice.", "issue_order": 13}}, ' '{"model": "newsfeed.issue", "pk": 11, "fields": ' '{"name": "term limits", "description": "The ' 'mayor and aldermen do not face term limits. ' 'Former Gov. Pat Quinn attempted to add a ' 'question to municipal ballots asking whether ' 'Chicago mayors should be term limited, but ' 'failed. He argued term limits would be a check ' 'on power.", "issue_order": 14}}, {"model": ' '"newsfeed.issue", "pk": 10, "fields": {"name": ' '"TIFs", "description": "Chicago TIFs generated ' 'a record $660 million in revenue in the 2017 ' 'tax year \\u2014 a $99 million increase over ' 'last year that includes $40 million for the ' 'city\\u2019s \\u201cTransit TIF\\u201d on the ' 'North Side. Critics contend TIFs trap revenues ' 'that could otherwise be disbursed to needier ' 'causes and government bodies that need the ' 'money. Reformers, including Clerk David Orr, ' 'say the city should only use TIF to fight ' 'blight, and the city\\u2019s TIF accounting is ' 'opaque and lacks accountability.", ' '"issue_order": 15}}]', 'office': '{"id": 52, "office": "City Clerk", "decided": ' 'true, "status": "Incumbent won"}', 'slug': 'city-clerk', 'stances': '[]'}, 'feed': None}, 'url': '/races/city-clerk/'}